Birthstone Collection

Birthstone Collection

Birthstones are coloured gems linked to a particular month throughout the year. Each gem has it's own history and it's own representation and is believed to equip the wearer with positive qualities. Our gorgeous birthstone sets made with Swarovski Crystals, representing each month. Find out what your birth stone means?


 January Birth Stone - The Garnet

While Garnet is most commonly a red stone, it can be found in a range of other colours. The Garnet Gem Stone represents peace, health and wealth. Some even go to say that who ever wears this gem stone benefits from Good Health, Eternal Happiness and Wealth.

February Birth Stone - The Amethyst

February can be a very cold month, and the Amethyst may bring a little warmth and reassurance at this time of year. This stone is linked to qualities of peace, courage and stability. This gem has a strong tie to mythology, as the ancient Greeks and Romans, believed that the stone kept the evil powers of the Gods at bay. They also believed that the person wearing the stone was more likely to be clear headed and quick-witted.

 March Birth Stone - Aquamarine

This Gemstone is closely linked to water, both because of its blue colour and because of it's name - aqua being the Latin word for water and Marina, meaning sea. It is believed that this stone brings tranquility, calmness and level headedness to the wearer. In the past it was also believed that it protected sailors during their voyages. 

 April Birth Stone - Diamond

This stone is the toughest gemstone, making it ideal to be worn for everyday use or to add some sparkle on a special occasion. Diamonds are rooted strongly in history, with trading of diamonds dating back to 4BC. Diamonds are also associated with different healing powers.

May Birth Stone - Emerald

The emarald is also rich in historical mentions, dating back to ancient Egyptians, with Cleopathra owning Emerald mines. This birthstone Symbolises rebirth, security and peace, and is believed to bring the owner luck, youth, loyalty and foresight.

June Birth Stone - Alexandrite

This stone is believed to widen the wearers perception, concentration and learning.This stone is also believed to help with improving creativity and unleash imagination, as well as bring good luck.

July Birth Stone - Ruby

Red is the colour of love and passion, so it comes to no surprise that this birthstone represents and brings the wearer luck when it comes to love, success, prosperity, courage and energy. In ancient Asian civilisation warriors used to decorate their armour with Rubies to protect themselves from Evil. 

August Birth Stone - Peridot

It is unclear how the name Peridot came about, but some scholars believe that it comes from the word 'Peridona' which means abundance, and it is possibly why this stone is associated with success and good fortune. In Egypt it was believed that the gem protected the owner from the evil in the night and that it controlled nature's powers. 

September Birth Stone - Sapphire

This birthstone represents, loyalty, honesty and superiority, it is also believed to bring focus and self discipline to the wearer. It's deep blue colour was once believed to represent heaven and divine power, so much that the Greeks wore it when communicating with the gods. 

October Birth Stone - Tourmaline

This stone was believed to keep evil and negative forces away, and some still believe that this stone offers the wearer cleansing from toxins and negaitive thoughts A fun fact about this gem stone is that it can become electrically charged via heat or pressure which can attract or repel dust particles. 

November Birth Stone - Topaz

This yellow stone also has a long history. For back in the Renaissance, it was believed that this stone could break spells and bring about peace and calm. On the other hand Hindus believed that Topaz offers the wearer wisdom and a long life. 

December Birth Stone -  Zircon

The Zircon is believed to help the wearer with rest and sleep. It was also believed that this stone keeps evil away and offers prosperity and luck to the owner, as well as wisdom. 

 The information used in this article was taken from the American Gem Society.



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