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Welcome to Sterling Jewellers - A Legacy of Elegance Since 1896

Our Story

Since 1896, Sterling has been a beacon of elegance and sophistication, tracing its origins back to the opening of our first shop in Valletta. From the outset, our mission has been to curate the finest names in jewellery, timepieces, and fashion accessories.

Sterling Jewellers

First Sterling Jewellers Shop, Valletta



Evolution and Growth

As the Sterling brand flourished, so did our operations. Today, Sterling proudly owns and operates the largest retail distribution network in Malta. We have become synonymous with quality, offering an exquisite selection of watches, jewellery, fashion, silverware, and high-end accessories. Our commitment to excellence is further upheld by a carefully planned vertical integration process, employing a highly skilled and specialized group of craftsmen, ensuring top-tier quality in our in-house after-sales service.

Unrivaled Presence

With a network of nearly 20 strategically located shops across Malta and Gozo, Sterling stands as a pillar in the retail landscape. Our front-line presence in prime areas and major shopping malls makes us omnipresent, offering our partners unparalleled access to the largest footfalls in the retail ambit. Sterling's retail network is the largest and most distributed on the island, reaching every main retail area and allowing us to deploy brands and product lines across the country.


Sterling Jewellers Shop mercury Towers

Sterling Jewellers Shop, Mercury Towers, St. Julian's


A Legacy of 120 Years

Steeped in 120 years of history, Sterling Jewellers is the foremost retailer and distributor of jewellery and watches in Malta. Boasting a retail network with nearly 20 stores, Sterling has forged lasting partnerships with leading brands in the jewellery and watch industry. Our roster includes prestigious names like Bvlgari, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Tissot, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Brosway, and Police, to name a few. Additionally, Sterling proudly owns a franchise of the esteemed Luisa Spagnoli brand.

Bvlgari Shop Valletta

Bvlgari Shop, Valletta



Personalized Elegance

At Sterling Jewellers, we pride ourselves on being Malta's number one jewellery and watch retailer. Our online shop specializes in personalized jewellery, silver jewellery, gold jewellery, diamonds and watches. Explore the latest trend in customisable jewellery with Sterling Personalisation, featuring name necklaces, bracelets, and engravable jewellery.


Luxury Beyond Jewellery

Expanding our horizons, Sterling is not just a jewellery retailer. We are also the official retailer of luxury brands such as Lladro, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace.


Beyond Jewellery - Boutique Hotels

The Sterling Group's journey extends beyond jewellery and watches. Diversifying into real estate, we proudly present three boutique hotels – Casa Reale Boutique Hotel and Jean De Valette Boutique Living in Valletta and Cittadella Boutique Living in Gozo.

Casa Reale Boutique Hotel

Casa Reale Boutique Hotel, Republic Street, Valletta 

Experience Elegance with Sterling

Join us on a journey through elegance and timeless style. Sterling Jewellers - Where Tradition Meets Innovation.