Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever


"Diamonds are forever” is not just a cliché these precious stones really do last forever, as they are not only timeless but also serve as the perfect investment. As the reserve of diamonds is slowly being consumed, the value of diamonds keeps on increasing exponentially. When it comes to establishing the value of diamonds the 4cs are the universally accepted measures. That is Cut, Carat, Colour, and Clarity.


At no point should this be confused with the shape of the diamond. The CUT refers to the way the diamond is cut to allow light to reflect, sparkle and transmit light. The Cut is often graded between Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor. This is the only point where man influences the value of the diamond.




Diamonds are naturally mined and generally contain internal inclusions, which are small impurities within the diamond. All diamonds contain inclusions, but the quantity, size and position of these inclusions often determine the value. The closer to perfection the diamond is and the less visible the inclusions are the higher the value of the diamond. The most valuable being Internally Flawless diamonds with inclusions being invisible under 10x magnification. The scale progresses to Very Very Slight Included, to Very Slight Included to Slightly Included and included.


The Value of diamonds is also determined by their colour or the lack there of. A system of colour grading is used ranging from D to Z, with D being completely colourless, and gradually increasing with every letter, with the grading between one scale to the next being almost invisible to the naked eye.  




This is possibly the most popular determent of value, as it refers to the weight of the diamond. While often the value of the diamond is directly proportion to the carat weight, the price is also determined by the 3 other Cs.



You’ve counted well, this is the 5th C, and we would say this is the most important C of them all. Confidence in the jeweller you are buying form is key to guaranteeing the value of the diamond.


Whether you are looking to buy your first diamond or an investment piece of jewellery, we are always ready to help.



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