The Ultimate Full Metal G-SHOCK!

The Ultimate Full Metal G-SHOCK!

The GMW-B5000, is the first “Full metal’ 5000 series, featuring a stainless steel exterior and inner case, screw-lock case back. This bold and stylish design comes after the success of the DW-5750 and DW-5000, the ORIGINAL series which celebrated its 35th Anniversary in 2018. This elegant watch comes with a rich gold ion-plated finish adding to the sophistication and splendour of this watch.


The Watches Bluetooth connectivity ensures professional time keeping, through automatic time updates, world time functions, stop watch settings among other functions. Losing your phone, while on Silent is a headache everyone can relate to, but with the GMW-B5000, this is no longer an issue. Simply by pressing the find my phone button on your watch, your watch will send a signal to your phone, which will make a sound for you to identify its location.

Its Tough Solar Technology guarantees maximum efficiency with an approximate 22 month Power Reserve, which means that without any light exposure the watch would still work for approximately 2 years. Like all G-Shock Watches, the GMW-B5000 comes with a 20 Bar water resistance, therefore it is safe to swim with up to 200 metres.

This is why this unique watch is a must have for any watch lover, whether you’re off to the beach, or off to a business meeting, this is the watch for you. 


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