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18Kt Two-Tone Maltese Cross Pendant Ref :CSTP203871-YW-FL-FCZ

18Kt Two-Tone Maltese Cross Pendant Ref :CSTP203871-YW-FL-FCZ

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Key Features:

  • Harmony of Tones: Explore Sterling Jewellers' 18Kt Two-Tone Maltese Cross Pendant, a masterpiece that harmonizes two luxurious gold tones.
  • Dual-Tone Beauty: This pendant features an intricately designed Maltese Cross crafted with the elegance of both white and yellow gold.
  • Premium Materials: Made from top-quality 18Kt gold, this pendant radiates opulence and sophistication.

Elevate your jewelry collection with this exquisite pendant, ideal for making a striking fashion statement and expressing your unique style. The combination of white and yellow gold adds depth and versatility to a classic symbol. Expert craftsmanship ensures enduring beauty and style. Experience the world of fine jewelry at Sterling Jewellers, your trusted source for premium and harmoniously designed pieces.

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